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Plugging Into Exponential Formulas 
Exponential Functions - Basic 
Exponential Functions - Basic (Solving) 
Half Life and Doubling Time 
Half Life and Doubling (Solve for t) 
Compounding - Solve for Future Value 
Compounding - Solve for Time 
Compounding - Solve for Principal 
Compounding - Solve for the Rate 
Compounding - Compare Accounts (Level 1) 
Compounding - Compare Accounts (Level 2) 
Exponentials - Various Forms and Units 
Exponential from Two Points (Level 1) 
Exponential from Two Points (Level 2) 
Exponential from Two Points (Context) 
Exponential Law of Heating / Cooling 
Convert Form of Exponential Function 
Find Growth/Decay Percentage (Level 1) 
Find Growth/Decay Percentage (Level 2) 
Write Function / Find % Change (Type 1) 
Write Function / Find % Change (Type 2) 
Interpret Exponential Function Constant 
Rewrite Exponential for Equivalent Rate 
Solving Exponential Equations (Level 1) 
Solving Exponential Equations (Level 2) 
Solving Exponential Equations (Level 3) 
Exponential Eqns Common Base (Level 1) 
Exponential Eqns Common Base (Level 2) 
Exponential Eqns Common Base (Level 3) 

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8.1 Exponential Growth

8.2 Exponential Decay

8.3 The number e

8.4 Logarithmic Functions

8.5 Properties of Logarithms
8.6 Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
8.7 Modeling with Exponential and Power Functions

8.8 Logistic Growth Functions

Khan Academy practice resources:

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Algebra 1 Scroll down to Exponential Growth and Decay