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 Lesson 1: Adding Integers

Lesson 2: Adding Integers: Mental Arithmetic

Lesson 6: Subtracting Integers

Lesson 12: Multiplying Integers

Lesson 13: Dividing Integers

Integers and Absolute Value

 Working with Integers

 Absolute Value

 Adding Integers

 What are the Rules for Using Absolute Values to Add Integers?

 What are the Inverse Properties of Addition and Multiplication?

 How Do You Add a Negative Number to a Positive Number?

 How Do You Add Integers Using a Number Line?

 How Do You Add Two Negative Numbers?

 Subtracting Integers

 How Do You Subtract a Negative Number from a Positive Number?

 How Do You Subtract a Positive Number from a Negative Number?

 How Do You Rewrite Subtraction as Addition?

 How Do You Subtract Integers Using a Number Line?

 How Do You Add and Subtract a Bunch of Numbers with Different Signs?

 Multiplying and Dividing Integers

 Multiplying Integers

 How Do You Do Long Multiplication?

 What is Multiplication?

 Dividing Integers

 How Do You Figure Out the Sign of a Product or Quotient?

 What's a Dividend and What's a Divisor?

 Why Can't You Divide By 0?

 What is Division?

 How Do You Multiply and Divide Numbers with Different Signs?

 How Do You Do Long Division

Ordered Pairs and The Coordinate Plane

What is the Y-Axis?

 How Do You Graph Points in the Coordinate Plane?

 How Do You Identify Points on a Graph?

 How Do You Determine if an Ordered Pair is a Solution to an Equation?

 How Do You Graph Ordered Pairs in Each Quadrant?

 What is the Coordinate Plane?

 What is the Y-Coordinate?

 How Do You Graph a Linear Equation?

 What is an Ordered Pair?

 What is the X-Axis?

 What are Quadrants in the Coordinate Plane?

 What is the X-Coordinate?

 What is the Origin?

 How Do You Evaluate an Algebraic Expression?

 How Do You Evaluate an Algebraic Expression with One Variable?

 How Do You Plug Variables into an Algebraic Expression?

 What is the Substitution Property of Equality?

 How Do You Complete a Table By Plugging in Values?

 What's the Order of Operations?

 How Do You Evaluate an Algebraic Expression with Two Variables?

 What is a Variable?

 What Are Numerical and Algebraic Expressions?

 How Do You Use the Order of Operations?

 Translating Between Words and Math

 What are Some Words You Can Use to Write Word Problems?

 How Do You Translate Phrases into Numerical Expressions?

 How Do You Determine Which Operations to Use in a Word Problem?

Interactive Number Line