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 Lesson 16: Multiplying Decimals

Lesson 17: Dividing Decimals

Decimals: addition     Video 90     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: subtraction     Video 91    Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: division by decimals   Video 92     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: dividing decimals by integers   Video 93     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: multiplying   Video 94     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: ordering    Video 95      Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

Decimals: recurring decimals    Video 96     Practice Questions    Textbook Exercise

  What's a Rational Number?

 What is a Repeating Decimal?

 What is a Terminating Decimal?

 Converting Decimals and Fractions

 How Do You Turn a Fraction Into a Terminating Decimal?

 How Do You Turn an Improper Fraction Into a Mixed Fraction?

 How Do You Turn a Repeating Decimal Into a Fraction?

 How Do You Turn a Fraction Into a Repeating Decimal?

 How Do You Turn a Terminating Decimal Into a Fraction?

 How Do You Turn an Integer Into a Fraction?

 How Do You Turn a Mixed Fraction Into an Improper Fraction?

 Comparing Rational Numbers

 How Do You Compare Fractions by Converting to Decimals?

 How Do You Order Fractions and Decimals From Greatest to Least?

 How Do You Put Fractions and Decimals in Order?

 How Do You Compare Two Decimals Using a Number Line?

 What are Trailing Zeros?

 How Do You Do Long Division with Decimals?

 How Do You Subtract Decimals?

 How Do You Add Decimals?

 How Do You Multiply Decimals?

 How Do You Divide a Decimal by a Decimal?

 Estimation and Rounding

 How Do You Round a Decimal to a Given Place Value?

 How Do You Estimate a Quotient Using Compatible Numbers?

 How Do You Use Front-End Estimation to Estimate a Sum of Several Decimals?

 What is Place Value?