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"I have no regrets taking IMP in high school. I found that there was too much of a gap between Standard and Honors math, especially after freshman year, and IMP was the perfect fit. In the class, you can even choose to take the course for Honors credit, which is practical because you are learning the same material as the rest of class, but you have to do extra work and learn extra material on your own time, or with the help of the teacher. The way the classes were taught were not like the other math classes I had taken before. Real life scenarios are applied to the math, so you can make connections. The math you learn is not just memorizing symbols and formulas, but you gain an understanding of where they come from, and how they make sense in real life. I am very thankful that I chose to take IMP because I am now in a business program in college and I have a much easier time applying math to my economics classes. Go for IMP! It's awesome!"

"Math is not something that I was ever remotely talented at. It's not that it confused me, nor was genuinely bad at it, it's just that I was never engaged to push myself. In the normal classroom, I never functioned "correctly", but in IMP, math was different. Group work made the class a place where you actually applied math. No long boring lectures, no endless problem sheets, just applied mathematics.

"As a film major in college and a filmmaker at BHS, I was never interested in math. However, I think we can all agree that math is something you need to know. IMP is a program that has uniquely prepared me for real world math applications. I can solve simple everyday problems to complex situations with confidence and accuracy."

"IMP is also the most fun you are ever going to have in a math class. Not to say that math isn't fun to begin with, there is something special when you come to class and start building things with legos. And becuase of the group oriented teaching styles of IMP, there is a supportive community of peers and teachers that are always there for you. You are encouraged on a daily basis to do homework in groups, and challenge each other with creative obstacles all the time."

"IMP is a fantastic math program that caters to the creative mind and allows you to achieve what you might have thought impossible in math. As an IMP alum, I can say with sincerity that this is the best math program I will probably ever encounter."

"As far as IMP goes it was the only way I probably would have passed high school math. It gave me a way I could learn and be successful. However in the process I forgot how difficult other math programs can be. In order to be successful in college math one must not forget that we are going to have to learn in a way that does not play off IMP experiences and must keep in mind the future change. However, I find that I have learned most of what's in my math 101 already during my time in IMP, so all I need to do is be able to transfer my old skills to the task at hand. IMP will prepare you, you just need to be prepared to make some adjustments and let it help you as best as it can. If I hadn't learned the IMP basics I would be completely lost in my college level math classes."

"So today I had to take a placement test for college math; I was super nervous. There was this whole thing where if you didn't place into calc I, you would have to take intro to calc & Ireally wanted to pass. So I took and passed, noooo problem at all! Your class and the other three years of IMP has prepared me perfectly (as of the placement exam) for college math. I cannot thank enough for a great year of math. Math used to be my arch enemy but now we are friends!"