The Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) is an innovative, non-leveled four year college preparatory sequence created to address the national Council of teachers of mathematics standards integrating algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, statistics and discrete mathematics. Each year the curriculum is organized in four- to six-week units around a central problem or theme. Motivated by this focus, students solve a variety of smaller routine and non-routine problems that develop the underlying skills and concepts needed to solve the central problem. Students work in teams as well as individually to strategize, solve problems and present ideas both in writing and orally. Graphing calculators are used regularly and students maintain a portfolio of their best work spanning their high school mathematics experience.

IMP Honor is a program of additional assignments offered in all IMP classes for students wishing to receive honor credit. To participate, students must complete substantial independent weekly assignments covering more advanced topics in the content covered within the regular IMP units. This content aligns itself with the SAT II level 2 math exam. Students are tested on the material they cover in these projects throughout the year.

This sequence provides preparation for both the SAT I and the SAT II tests. Brookline has offered IMP math for many years; a growing body of research from Brookline and from many schools around the country supports the conclusion that IMP students perform equally well on the SATs as comparable students and substantially better on problem-solving instruments.

Over the four year curriculum, students cover algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, logic, probability and statistics, analytic and coordinate geometry, and precalculus.

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