Fall Semester 
 Numbers and Lines Radicals QuadraticsUn
Unit 1
Adding and subtracting integers
Adding and subtracting decimals
Adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers
Dividing integers
Multiplying integers
More integer practice
Multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers
more fraction practice
Order of operations and 
Order of operations
Evaluating variable expressions
Simplifying variable expressions
The distributive property
mult fractions
linear patterns
Solve linear equations
multi-step equations
distribute negatives
solve equations with fractions
graph lines
point-slope form
standard form
convert between forms
find eqn given 2 pts, pt and slope or graph
find slope from a table
solve systems by subst
solve systems by elim
solve systems with fractions
 Simplify radicals
simplify radicals with fractions
simplify radicals with variables
combine radical like terms
mult radicals
rationalize the denominator
 quadratic patterns
mult binomials
diff of 2 sqrs, a>1
trinomials with GCF (# and var), with ≥ 1 variable, with fractions
factor completely
graphing quadratics

Spring Semester Learning Goals
 Solve Quadratic Equations Functions Exponential Functions
 by factoring
factor vs soln
by taking sqr root, +/-
choose best method
choose best method
(radical equations)

graphing calculator
 Function notation
function notation with graphs
evaluate from eqn
evaluate from graph
given input/output
parent functions: parab, cubic, sqr root, abs val
parent function ref sheet
translations parent functions
reflections parent functions
piecewise functions
 exponent rules, neg, zero exp
simplify exp expressions
mult, divide exp expressions
fraction exp
exp to radical, radical to exp
evaluate fraction exp
simplify complicated exp expressions
solve by powers of the same base
graph exp functions, growth, decay
graph transformations of exp functions
solve exp eqns with desmos
applications-half-life, annual interest, bacteria growth

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